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Vintage 2014



This vintage is a contrasting year, early budding on 29/03, flowering on the 1st June in excellent conditions then a sullen summer before a beautiful month of September. The harvest took place on the 15th and 16th 09 on two beautiful mornings so the grapes were fresh and well ripe.


Vinification took place perfectly, fermentation 3 weeks before devatting 04/10 followed by a light pressing before filling the barrels for aging over a year.  The wine came out of the barrels in October 2015 and was then placed to stabilize by gravity, or fining.  The 2014 was bottled on the 27th November 2015.


 Like the weather conditions during its long growing season, this is a flexible, persistent, fresh and tender vintage. The color garnet is brilliant, fragrances of cherry, blackberries and notes of hazelnut.


The aromas of oak develop in its bouquet. The crisp 1st mouth is balanced and melted tannins provide structure. A bottle to be opened after 3 to 7 years. The warm climate lengthened the vegetative cycle of our vines but the vintage effect to which PN is accustomed in Burgundy is very present. The climate “En buliet” expresses its typicity (red fruit, structure and body)It is reassuring to be able to feel it so distinctly as the climates of Burgundy are classed by Unesco “world heritage of humanity”.


Collette, Bourguignon writer, wrote... « Vine, the wine are great mysteries. Alone in the plant Kingdom, the vine makes us intelligible what is the true flavor of the Earth. »



 Wine is made to be shared and the exchange, discussion, controversy, communication in sum, are my incentives.


To taste, there's no secret: it is silent, focusing, we taste, we think and then we discuss. When everyone does the same thing at the same time, it is the essence of sharing. Cheers !

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