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Vintage 2013



Second year and my second campaign!  If it is said that the hardest part is to start, the effort is often intense to reach cruising speed. Tenacity, it took to continue with the takeover of the vine « En Buliet », planting the chardonnay, replacing the older PN plants as well as cultivating and bringing the grapes to harvest and full maturity then the vinification in addition to the vintage already in the cellar.


Phew !  Perseverance in the choice, manual harvesting, destemming, vatting, cold pre fermentation maceration then a fortnight’s fermentation. Pumping over and punching down to obtain the tannique profil needed for the aging in oak barrels.



 After 12 months aging it was decided to bottle which was achieved on November 21st 2014. A second page was turned, one year exactly after our first steps. Thanks to those who appreciated the 2012 to the tasters from Macon for the gold medal 2014, my family and friends who supported me throughout the harvest in a very chilly autumn and, especially to you who are about to enjoy my Maranges 2013.



Whats it like ? Shiny purple color, aromas of small red fruits cherry and red currants with wooded vanilla and whiskey fragrances, supple tannins supporting a well-structured complete mouth.When you open the bottle, spare a thought for Nicolas Rolin, creator of the Hospices de Beaune and Chancellor of Duc Philippe the Good of Burgundy.


He was a fine negotiator, architect of the rapprochement between the France and Burgundy at the beginning of the 15th century. A great believer in the “wine diplomacy” he served at banquets.


He understood the human, social and economic role this beverage played. Above all from Autun he was himself cultivating in Maranges making his “ordinary of the vermeil and white (wines) from Cheilly ..!".Breathe, “grumez” the story teller is now you!


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