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My Story

Created in 2012, the Estate “Sylvain Depiesse” is an important moment of my career and the expression of my personality.





I was born in the suburbs of Paris and, at the age of 20 my studies brought me to Dijon, to the National School of Engineers in Agricultural Work. During this time I discovered Burgundy and the world of wine. From there on, wine became a true passion and I graduated from the I.U.V.B with the National Diploma of Oenologist. Once qualified, I was eager to gain experience and also to travel and discover other vineyard areas. I worked in the Val de Loire and then after in South Africa.


I returned to Burgundy to the small village of Rully for the 1995 harvest to work for the “Veuve Ambal” a short contract as a freelance winemaker which has now extended for nearly 30 years ! This family business accompanies the impressive growth of the “Crémant de Bourgogne” and is the leader of the “appellation”. Since 1988, I have occupied the position of director of the wine estates. If in 1988 the “Veuve Ambal” were not vineyard owners, today they own over 280 hectares in the regions of theYonne, the Côte d’Or and the Saône et Loire.




 Personally I complete this “bubbling” part of my career by purchasing at the end of 2011 a plot of 1,5 acres (61 ares) of the appellation “Maranges”, in the village of Cheilly les Maranges, planted in the grape variety “Pinot Noir” from 1958. Then in 2013, I successfully planted 7 ares also in the “Maranges” but in the white burgundy grape Chardonnay . It was an opportunity that coincided with the advance of my reflection concerning my job. There is always a « small path that winds through the hills, like a breath, . It takes you to the delicacy, care and attention »



 In the meantime, behind my house in the village of Demigny, built from my experiences I constructed a winery that would best reveal its oenological qualities as I want to make a wine that I enjoy and that fully respects its “terroir”. I have given myself the best technical means by pushing all the best oenological buttons. I wish to share it with you so you can also enjoy a wine vinified and aged to please and full of character. The thing I enjoy most about wine is the exchange, conversation about the issues and the place it holds in our society and I would like to transfer my passion to you so you, at your turn, can share it with your friends and family. I really believe my wine is a source at sharing and communication.


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