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Vintage 2012


Finally it has arrived !!!!!!! My first vintage a great moment.  I put all my heart and soul 20 years of experience to choose the “Terroir” that I cultivate and the way to make my wine.  I have chosen to handpick transporting the grapes in small open crates. 


Put into vats 100% destemmed for a period of 3 weeks after a cold pre fermentation maceration. It’s necessary during this time to “pump over” draw the must from the bottom of the vat and spray over the cap to “punch down” break up the cap either by foot or by tool once or several times a day.



This encourages the extraction of various substances contained in the grape skins color, tanins etc and finally devatting by hand to place the young wine into french oak barrels “P B” 228 l for aging and maturation. This 1st year “en Buliet” in Cheilly was rich in experience and a great learning curve.

Now its over to you. When you choose to enjoy my Maranges serve at about 14-15° in a tall glass so it can breathe smell and enjoy its first nose.  Turn the wine in the glass then take a sip that you “Grumerez” oxygenate by sucking in air while still keeping the wine in the mouth, this permits to increase your sensations. Close your eyes if you can see the church steeple of cheilly on your left, the hillside of sampigny ahead and the 3 crosses of dezize on top of the hill you are in “Buliet” with my team of friends picking one morning in autumn 2012!!!

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